Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ:

What is Blue Monkey Parties and Events?
Blue Monkey is a party and event center specializing in children’s birthday parties and special events. We give you excellent service and your child a party they will remember for a lifetime. Blue Monkey is an organized and personalized party center where the birthday child is always the center of attention! One or more of our "Party Entertainers" is always assigned for your party or event. They organize the party, lead the games, and provide everything to make sure your child has a birthday to remember.

Party and Group FAQ:

How do you personalize the party for my child?
Our Party Manager will call you a few days before your event. This call is your chance to ask questions about your party, but also our chance to learn a few things about your child. With your child's interests, our Party Entertainers will make a plan to integrate your child's favorite activities, characters or interests into their party.

Party Packages FAQs:

What are the party rooms like?
We have two private party rooms. One party room is upstairs, so if you or any of your guest have issue going up steps, please request our party room on the main floor.

Our upstairs room is for 35 guests (includes kids & adults).
Our downstairs room is for 25 guests (includes kids & adults).

Food and Drink FAQs:

What food is included in the party packages?
All parties include two large cheese or pepperoni pizzas that are served about an hour into the party when the children enter the party room. Parties of 16 or more kids will have three pizzas included. Your choice of Soft drinks, water, and coffee are included for the party participants and party parents.

Online Registration

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